An Overview of the UK’s VAT Deferral Scheme

If you are a small business owner in the UK, then you should be aware of the VAT deferral scheme that has recently been put into place. The scheme was introduced to provide financial relief during this difficult time. This blog post will explain what the VAT deferral scheme is and how it can help your business.

What is the VAT Deferral Scheme?

The VAT deferral scheme is an initiative put in place by the UK government to provide financial support to small businesses affected by COVID-19. The scheme allows businesses to defer their Value Added Tax (VAT) payments between March and June 2020, with no interest or penalties being applied. This means that businesses do not have to worry about paying any outstanding tax bills until after June 2021.

How Does it Work?

The government has set up a special website where businesses can apply for the deferment of their VAT payments. Businesses must first register for the scheme on this website, which requires them to provide information about their current finances and bank details for payment purposes when their deferred payments are due. Once a business has registered, it will receive confirmation from HMRC that its application has been approved and that it can start making use of the deferment services offered by the scheme.

Businesses must also ensure that they still keep accurate records of all income and expenditure during this period so that they can accurately report any taxable profits when filing their self-assessment return at year-end. Finally, businesses will need to make sure that they make all deferred payments when they become due in June 2021 or risk facing additional fines and penalties from HMRC if they fail to do so.


The introduction of the VAT deferral scheme provides much-needed financial relief for small businesses across the UK during these difficult times. By making use of this service, businesses can rest assured knowing that their tax liabilities are taken care of without having to worry about paying any interest or penalties on outstanding payments until after June 2021. We recommend taking advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible if you feel like your business could benefit from it!

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